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125 East Chestnut Hill Road
Montague, MA 01351
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Canine Head Start

Companion Dog Training
Canine & Feline Behavioral Consultations

20+ years experience in the field of Animal Behaviour
Veterinarian Endorsed

"I have trained at other facilities and found better instruction and more individual attention here at Canine Head Start." J. Freidman

Tai in Nova Scotia




Get one-on-one instruction with your dog or work in small group classes


Canine Head Start

CanineHeadStart.com -- Elise McMahon is a member of APDT and ABS. She is finishing
her dissertation at the University of Massachusetts in canid behavioural ecology
and has worked with both domestic dogs and wild canids since 1991. Training
methods used in class and in private consultations are based on animal behaviour
learning theory. Classes are kept small with the goal of teaching the owners
how to successfully teach their dogs.

Elise McMahon
Member of APDT and ABS

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