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Individual Training 

Whether you have just adopted an older dog or puppy, are experiencing problems with an adolescent or just want the attention private sessions offer, we are here to help. We offer private sessions at our training center in Montague and in Orange as well in the convenience of your own home.

We help our clients and their dogs with issues such as separation anxiety, house soiling, inappropriate mouthing and jumping, counter surfing, pulling on leash, not coming when called and reactivity to other dogs, people or moving objects such as cars and cyclists.

Common issues our clients seek our help for their feline companions include inappropriate house soiling, dog/cat interactions, cat/cat interactions, cat/human interactions and introducing a new cat.

Individual Training Packages

Behaviour and Training Intake session (~1.5hrs)       $220.00

Our Intake sessions are designed to get a comprehensive assessment of the issues you and your dog are experiencing. During the Intake we will ask for a full history on the dog, conduct a behavioral evaluation, start some human training and develop a training plan.

Puppy Head Start Package – 5-sessions                                                  $525.00 in home/ $425.00 CHS       

A new puppy is a wonderful addition to your home. Early establishment your puppy’s routine and behaviors helps with common issues such as jumping, biting, pulling on leash, chewing and all the other things puppies do naturally.

Fresh Start Package – 5-sessions                                                    $525.00 in home/ $425.00 CHS

Our training package for newly adopted dogs is a great way to get your new canine pal off to the right start. Establish the routines and behaviors you want right away. Help your dog adjust to his new home and avoid time consuming and costly problem behaviors down the road.  

Canines & Kids Package – 6-sessions                                          $630.00 in home/ $510.00 CHS

Kids are not always the best at seeing and interpreting canine body language. Take the steps now to ensure a happy and safe interaction between your children and your family pet. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, careful planning, training and management are critical for ensuring a secure environment for all family members.

Welcome Home! Package – 4 sessions                      $440.00 in home

Adding a new dog or cat to your household? Get off to the right start with our tailored package which includes our Head Start pack provideing you with the basics, inducing bait bag, feeding toys & healthy treats. Let us help you establish a peaceful, happy relationship between all of your furry friends.

Reactive Rover Package – 10 sessions                      $1000.00 in home/ $800.00 CHS

Have you ever experienced the stress and embarrassment of your dog morphing into Cujo at the site of another dog, person, car, etc.? We are here to help you convert that lunging, snarling beast into the calm, loving dog you know he can be.

Fearful Fido – 10 sessions                                                                    $1000.00 in home/ $800.00 CHS

If your dog is shy or fearful there can be some long term health effects as well as a lot of stress in both your and your dog’s daily life. We are skilled in helping owners and the dogs live a healthier, more confident life. Learn how to enjoy every day with your dog!

Fly! Package – 10 sessions                                                                  $1000.00 in home/ $800.00 CHS

Tired of those moments when you want to leave the park or get into the car to go home and your pooch is not quite done yet? Have you spent as much time or more on getting your dog back in the car as you did on the walk? Build a reliable recall. Great package for any age, the younger the better!

Walk the Dog! Package – 6 sessions                                              $630.00 in home/ $510.00 CHS

Enjoy walking your dog! Our loose leash-training package is a great way to get on the road again and enjoy the outdoors with your favorite pal.

Additional options

Single Sessions  –  $110/session in-home or off site; $90/session at CHS facility

  • This works best for owners who are comfortable with the terrain of behaviour modification and just need a little coaching and are able to head off to work on the areas addressed in the single session. 

Training Package Follow ups –  $105/session in-home or off site; $85/session at CHS facility

Remote consultations: Includes phone consult and video review and interpretation $80/session

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