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Canine Head Start

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125 East Chestnut Hill Road
Montague, MA 01351
Phone: 413-367-0094

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Monday8 - 112 - 5
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A great discussion on the myths of the "alpha dog" idea and the differences between compulsion/punishment based training methods and positive reinforcement training methodologies.


The following readings are for the interested lay-person as well as for those who wish to go a bit further into the field of animal behaviour and behaviour modification theory.

Ali Brown
Scaredy Dog!

Susan Clothier                                                         
Bones Would Rain from the Sky

Raymond and Lorna Coppinger                                   
Dogs - A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution
What is a Dog?
How Dogs Work

Nicholas Dodman
The Dog Who Loved Too Much
Dogs Behaving Badly

Jean Donaldson                                                      
The Culture Clash
Other End of the Leash
Dogs are from Neptune

Gail Fisher
The Thinking Dog

Temple Grandin
Animals in Translation

Patricia B. McConnell                                            
The Cautious Canine
Leader of the Pack
Family Friendly Dog Training

Pat Miller                                                                
The Power of Positive Dog Training
Positive Perspectives 

Emma Parsons
Click to Calm

Karen Pryor                                                             
Don't Shoot the Dog
Lads Before the Wind                                                                               
Clicker Training for Dogs
Reaching the Animal Mind 

Pamela J. Reid                                                         
Excel-erated Learning

Turid Rugaas                                                           
On Talking Terms with Dogs

Kathy Sdao                                                       
Plenty In Life Is Free

Grisha Steward                                                       

Behaviour Adjustment Training 2.0

Nicole Wilde                                                        
Help For Your Fearful Dog

Health Care:

Richard and Susan Pitcairn                                       
Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown                                  
The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

Suggested Readings

Browse through our Suggested Readings list.


I have trained at other facilities and found better instruction and more individual attention here at Canine Head Start.

- J. Friedman / Amherst, MA

To man or dog, child or puppy, the greatest deterrent to supreme happiness is ennui: boredom resulting from lack of something to do.

This is what prevents dogs from achieving their greatest potential.

  - Clarence Pfaffenburger

   Skateboarder - Obi, loved and trained by Noah Rockland        

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